Ellaria Sand and Oberyn Martell

With New York Comic Con a few short weeks away, I decided to join a friend in a Games of Thrones group. She’s constructing this gorgeous Cersei gown (armor too if she has time), and after a lot of thought and research, I decided to make an Ellaria Sand. After MORE thought, and much convincing, my husband will be going as Oberyn Martell (I know, I was surprised that he had to be convinced too!). I was initially hesitant to cosplay any character from Game of Thrones just because it’s hard to really get a character right unless you look like the actor/actress. Otherwise you just look like someone from a Renaissance faire. I don’t think I look much like Ellaria, but I think I look closely to her than I would to Sansa or Daenerys. And so, with my decision made, the research began. Have a look at my pinterest inspiration board below:

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I always start a new costume by figuring out the fabric type first. Then I search for a pattern. It wasn’t easy to find information on Ellaria’s costume, it took a lot of digging. This site goes into great detail about the significance behind the different costumes, and has great closeups of the embroidery work. It doesn’t, however, spend much time on Ellaria. The fabric that’s used in the show is called “sandwashed silk”. The silk has a suede, “cushy” texture to it, and flows like a dream. It’s also incredibly difficult to find. I tried a wool suit lining that had the right color, but as soon as I brought it home and hung it up…I saw right away it was not going to have the lightweight floating look that I was going for. I decided to save that for my husband’s Oberyn, and went online again. $200 poorer, I had my sandwashed silk fabric from Ebay. Unfortunately, I could only get 4 1/2 yards, which would only be enough for the gown. I could either scrap the idea of replicating Ellaria’s wedding look (but I love her chainmail headpiece!!) or try to find more silk. I haven’t had much luck yet, unfortunately.

I was going to draft my own pattern for Ellaria, but since time is short, I went on Etsy and found a store that would make me a custom pattern! Definitely check this store out for any custom Game of Thrones patterns, the store owner is super nice and friendly and will work with you on what you need.

Progress pictures coming shortly!

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